Don’t overlook short-term career education programs

Since it’s Career and Technical Education Month, I’d like to share some KCTCS stats. We train 82 percent of the skilled trades workers and 69 percent of allied health care professionals in Kentucky. We’re also the state’s largest overall provider of workforce training. That’s why career and technical education is so important to us. Yes, most of our students transfer to one of our four-year partners to earn bachelor’s degrees. But not everyone wants or needs a four-year degree.

We offer many programs that can be completed in months, not years. Some of these programs have salaries that go up to $60,000. One example is the lineman program some of our colleges offer. Lineman program classes are taught by professionals who have worked or are working in the field. That is true of most of our short-term programs, which give students real insight into these careers. For those who don’t see themselves in a classroom, our short-term programs offer hands-on opportunities to learn a skill and earn a credential.

I don’t in any way discount the value of a traditional bachelor’s degree. For some careers, it’s the only way to go, and receiving a well-rounded education is terrific. But, it’s important for those who want to get to work quickly in high paying jobs in their communities to know you can’t beat a short-term credential program.

As Career and Technical Education Month winds down, help spread the word about the many benefits of short-term programs.

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