March Madness Has a Different Meaning for Students

This is an exciting time of year for basketball fans, especially for those of us who live in Kentucky. March Madness takes on a life of its own here, and that’s just the way fans like it. Recently, while thinking about basketball and brackets and all the other fun that goes along with March Madness, I thought about what an important time of year it is for our students, too.

Just like their favorite basketball teams, our students are focused on the final days of their season, also known as the spring semester. They’ve worked hard, they’ve balanced school along with work and family and now the championship – finals, and for some, graduation – is just ahead.

The stretch between spring break and the end of the semester can be stressful. But, just like basketball players, now is the time students must dig in and keep the bigger goal in sight.

We hear coaches talk about the importance of not giving up when they’re down, executing plays and not making mental mistakes. Some students face similar challenges as daily life gets in the way and interferes with the execution of their game. That’s when our faculty and staff step up to make our big play. Our team coaches, mentors and cheers students on, especially during the last part of each semester.

March Madness has begun, and we’ll enjoy some great basketball. But more importantly, we’ll make sure the students at our Sweet 16 colleges are on the path to their big win for the semester.

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