No bachelor’s degree needed for these high paying jobs

A new day has dawned for northeast Kentucky. Last week, Braidy Industries and Gov. Bevin made a major announcement about a new plant that will create badly needed jobs in the area.

So why is this big news for KCTCS? One of the many reasons Braidy Industries chose northeast Kentucky for their plant was the availability of the right type of education for their employees. Our Ashland Community and Technical College will provide onboarding services and offer the associate in applied science degree in Material Sciences that some Braidy employees will need.

In the time it takes students to earn this degree or other credentials, the plant should be up and running. ACTC also will work with Braidy Industries to provide ongoing training as needs change over time.

The company will construct the nation’s first Greenfield aluminum rolling mill in over three decades. The plan is for it to become the nation’s low-cost producer of high-quality auto body sheet aluminum, plate and ultra-high strength alloys for the aerospace industry. Along with this come 1,000 constructions jobs, 550 permanent highly skilled jobs and another 1,000 supporting services jobs in Greenup County. And, these jobs pay well! The average salary is more than $70,000.

Over the last several years, this part of the state lost some major employers and had not found a way to bounce back – until now. The announcement of this new facility is a good example of how we work with businesses to provide what they need for workforce education and shows that people don’t always need a bachelor’s degree to earn a good salary.

Congratulations to Braidy Industries, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and to us! We look forward to a long partnership.

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