Get In, Get Out and Get to Work!

Kentucky recently got great news for people who want to get a good job! The new Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program provides free tuition for college credit in one of the five business sectors that are considered high demand in Kentucky. Those sectors are health care, advanced manufacturing, transportation/logistics, business services/information technology and construction/trades.

Our colleges offer more than 200 programs in these fields. Many of the programs can be completed in four months or less and lead to careers that pay better than some requiring a bachelor’s degree.

Employers throughout the state are having a tough time filling jobs in these fields, mainly because there are not enough people with the skills needed to perform many of today’s jobs. Currently, there are 165,000 Kentuckians who are not working, and our workforce participation rate ranks 47th nationally. These are troubling statistics, but the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program can help turn this around.

Anyone who has not yet earned a college degree of any type is eligible for free tuition toward earning a certificate or diploma in one of the five sectors. There are no income or age limits to qualify. The only educational requirement to apply is a high school diploma or GED.

I’m excited about this opportunity for the thousands of Kentuckians who felt they couldn’t afford college or thought it would take too long to complete a program. The Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program is a game changer for those who want to get in, get out and get to work.

Our website has more information about the programs and how to apply for the scholarship.


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