Myth Busters

Still not convinced college is for you? What’s holding you back? Some people have a number of reasons why they think they can’t attend college, but I want to do a little myth busting.

Here are a few of the top reasons I hear that are holding people back and my answers to them.

  1. I work full-time and have no time to go to class. Try online classes. KCTCS is the state’s largest provider of online classes, so     surely, there’s something for you. Thousands of Kentuckians are taking advantage of this flexible way to earn college credentials.
  2. I don’t want to spend years getting my education. We have hundreds of programs that can be completed in four months or less that lead to good jobs. Many don’t require a bachelor’s or even an associate degree. This includes jobs like lineman, electrician, health care professional, machinist … and the list goes on and on.
  3. I’m not college material. Says who? You might be surprised how well you do in college. I’ve heard countless students tell me they thought they couldn’t do it, but they did. Start small. Work toward one credential and see how it goes. I’ll bet you come back for more!
  4. It’s too expensive. Tuition at KCTCS is the lowest in the state. You’ll pay half the cost at KCTCS versus our four year partners. Plus, there are numerous grants, scholarships and work-study programs you can apply for. New this year, is the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship that pays your tuition for up to 32 hours toward a credential in five high-demand business sectors. Definitely check it out.

In addition to keeping the cost of college as low as possible, KCTCS bookstores will save you money. We’ve been working with Barnes & Noble College, the company that runs our bookstores, to keep textbook costs as low as possible. Over the last two years, our students have saved an average of $109. You can buy or rent, and our bookstores have a price match program that lets you compare and save in-store or online. Additionally, some faculty are part of a program allows you to access your books online immediately for less than $70.

The fall semester is just around the corner, and we want to see you on one of our campuses. No more excuses! You can have a better job, and a better life, sooner than you think.

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