A New Way to Think About Football

It’s football time in the bluegrass state and I’ve spent some time thinking about the upcoming season. I can’t help but notice the similarities between KCTCS colleges and football.

The Huddle is like our colleges. In that huddle are people of different regions, races, religions and beliefs. We have people from different backgrounds: the single mother trying to make a better life for her children, the veteran looking to find his or her place outside of the military, the first generation college student ready to take on the world and every story in between. Like football players, they come from different places, they have different strengths and they all play certain roles, but they are all here for a common goal: to succeed.

The Ball is outside factors in our students’ lives. They are holding on to jobs, families, responsibilities and school and trying to push forward without fumbling.

The Coaches are the great faculty and staff at our colleges. They guide our students through their academic game plan and help with pep talks, motivational speeches and tough love moments, if they’re needed. They push our students to reach their full potential, and help them reach the end zone of graduation.

The game clock. Some of our students are starting the first quarter, some are in the fourth and some are trying to pull themselves together during halftime. The great thing about our colleges, and football, is there is always time. I love that the clock can read three minutes in the fourth quarter, but there’s still enough time to push down field and get a touchdown to win the game. The same goes for our students; it’s never too late for you to succeed. You still have time.

So if you’re watching football this weekend, think about how loyal football fans are to their team. It’s the same with the faculty and staff at our colleges. We’re here for you. You’re our team, and we’re rooting for you week after week because your success = our success.

Go You!

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