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Better lives for a better Kentucky

Celebrating our successes, looking toward the future

It is important for all of us at KCTCS to step back and look at what we, collectively as a system, have done to positively impact the Commonwealth in the 20 years since we were founded. When you combine the efforts of 16 colleges, the impact moves from a single spark to an explosion.

As a system, we have exponentially affected the lives of more Kentuckians because we are able to streamline services and operations and provide economies of scale that allow us to operate more efficiently. In fact, without these economies, KCTCS colleges would need an additional $50 million and more than 800 additional staff to provide the same level of services.

Now it is time for us to look forward to the next 20 years. The world has changed a great deal since KCTCS was formed, and since all of our colleges were formed. Students’ needs have changed, each community’s needs have changed and the workforce has changed.  Therefore, we must adapt and change to make sure we provide our students with the relevant education they need to be successful.

This past spring KCTCS launched an authentic identity project to gain greater visibility, bolster our awareness, increase our relevance and accurately express our special value to the people of Kentucky and beyond. We conducted focus groups with faculty/staff, students and community leaders at each college. We also conducted additional research with prospective students, student government presidents and competitors.

All of this research was compiled to assist us in establishing our future organizational DNA that differentiates us from other higher education institutions. This fall, the college presidents will discuss the research findings with students, faculty and staff and talk about how we move forward for our next 20 years.

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