BCTC Newtown Science Building Groundbreaking

Good afternoon! Thank you for being here as we move the first shovels full of dirt to begin building the Science Education Center here on BCTC’s Newtown Campus!

Raising money for this project has been a labor of love for Dr. Julian and her staff. Many of you know this is part of a larger, statewide initiative called the KCTCS BuildSmart Investment for Kentucky Competitiveness.

BuildSmart is a public-private partnership that provides funding for the top capital project at each KCTCS college. In this case, the private match was 6 million dollars.

I want to commend Dr. Julian and her staff for their commitment to this BuildSmart project. Without their tenacity, we would not be here today. But I know they did not do this alone.

It could not have been done without the help of this strong community … and I thank Mayor Jim Gray, his staff… all the local and state elected officials… and the business leaders who helped make this happen.

We appreciate your support more than you know!

There’s been a great deal of media coverage about the importance of degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, commonly known as the STEM majors.

We all know these fields have become vital to our economy, but there aren’t enough graduates to fill the job openings throughout the country.

This Science Education Center will offer our students the very best in technology, equipment and facilities at an affordable cost close to home.

Some will earn their associate degrees or certificates and quickly move into high paying jobs. Others will continue their studies at one of our many four-year partner institutions.

Whatever our students choose to do, we’re happy to be part of helping them fulfill their dreams.

Our mission is to improve the lives and employability of Kentuckians …and through amazing resources like the new Science Education Center, we’re able to do that.

Dr. Julian and all the folks here at BCTC see the lives they change every day. People come to us because they have dreams for themselves and their families.

Thank you for helping us make those dreams come true.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support of this new Science Center… BCTC… and KCTCS.

We are proud to be part of the Lexington community!

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