HopeLine Program Press Conference

Sept. 9, 10 a.m. Lexington/1 p.m. Louisville

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System was created to provide greater access to higher education with a mission of improving the quality of life and employability of Kentuckians.

Many students who attend our colleges come to us because they’ve had a life changing event, such as job loss or a change in their family situation.

We know most of them face barriers to attending college like balancing life issues such as work and child care.

Many of them also lack self-confidence, and we know those who face domestic violence typically fall into this category. We also know domestic violence is a barrier to everything they want to achieve in life, including furthering their education.

Our job is to make sure that every student attending one of our 16 KCTCS colleges feels safe, valued and welcome. KCTCS has no tolerance for domestic violence or any other type of abuse and bullying.

That’s one reason why Verizon’s Hopeline drive is so important to me and to our students… and why we’ve collaborated with the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence in the past.

It’s also why we’re rolling out the national “It’s on Us” campaign to provide training to all of our students, faculty and staff on sexual assault awareness and prevention.

I commend Verizon for taking on this national issue and am so pleased that KCTCS can be part of it here in Kentucky. We’ll have collection boxes throughout the state at each of our more than 70 campuses.

You may not know that KCTCS is the largest provider of postsecondary education, online education and workforce training in the state. What that means for the HopeLine program is that because of the thousands of students we serve, we have the ability to collect a large number of used cell phones and accessories.

This past spring I traveled to all of our colleges and met with students, faculty, staff and community leaders. I heard our students say they want to assist and mentor other students because they know some of their classmates struggle with juggling college and life.

I’m sure Hopeline is a cause our students will embrace because it is another way they can support their fellow students and people throughout the community.

At my college visits, I also heard from faculty, staff and community leaders that our colleges play a huge role in the communities they serve, and they want to expand that role. The HopeLine program gives us yet another opportunity to do this.

We know that domestic violence isn’t relegated to one area or community, and that many times, it’s not talked about openly. I believe the HopeLine drive will serve as a catalyst to stimulate discussion and help people speak more freely about this important issue. I’m also hopeful that it will help create an atmosphere of support for victims to come forward and ask for help.

Thank you again to Verizon … and to the other partners and participants for believing we can all make a difference in the lives of those who have suffered abuse. KCTCS proudly supports the HopeLine program, and we look forward to raising awareness and money for this important cause.

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