KY-FAME press conference

On behalf of the 16 colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, I am pleased to join you today and we are very excited about the opportunities that KY-FAME provides for both our students and our region’s employers.

Through KY FAME, the industry partners represented here today and Jefferson Community and Technical College; our greater Louisville area students will be able to earn the Advanced Manufacturing Technician credential, one of our many high-wage and high-demand career programs.

This unique apprentice-style, or as we like to call it, “work-and-learn” model has gained national recognition for its innovative weekly schedule of two days in class and three days working for a partner company.

As the number one provider of workforce training in the state, we are committed to the expansion of KY-FAME and other new and flexible ways of addressing the critical shortage of skilled workers in manufacturing and other occupations. 

Jefferson Community and Technical College has already seen success in the established partnership with Ford Motor Company, and the expansion of these opportunities through KY FAME is a win-win for our system, our students and our workforce.

In today’s global society and economy, the people capable of designing, operating and servicing equipment enabled through technology have become the differentiating resource required for economic development. 

However, as we all are too well aware, Kentucky continues to struggle to keep up with the demand for skilled workers needed to support manufacturing and the state’s other targeted industry sectors.
Since our creation in 1998, KCTCS has embraced its mission to be the primary provider of workforce education and training for Kentucky.

In 2013-2014 we worked with 5,572 companies, trained 49,089 employees and administered 84,940 workplace assessments.

In addition, last year KCTCS produced 1,674 graduates in manufacturing-related fields alone.

We are dedicated to the creation of a skilled workforce and quality of life, place and economy.
We are committed to educating graduates for jobs that pay a family sustainable wages and add value to both their employer and their communities. 

And finally, we strongly believe that new and innovative programs like KY-FAME will play a key role in our ability to achieve this mission.

KCTCS is proud to be a partner with the Greater Louisville Chapter of KY-FAME and we are excited to support the 
KY-FAME chapters across the Commonwealth as we work together to provide a better life for Kentuckians.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

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