Draft 2016-22 Vision, Values, and Goals


A world-class system of colleges educating Kentucky’s globally competitive workforce


  • Flexibility and innovation
  • Quality and excellence
  • Openness and accountability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Data- and outcomes-driven decision-making
  • Inclusion, equity, respect, and global diversity
  • Balance, collaboration, and teamwork


  • Raise the level of educational attainment in the Commonwealth by positioning KCTCS as the accessible, affordable, and relevant postsecondary education choice for Kentuckians.
  • Increase access and success for all KCTCS students, particularly among traditionally underserved populations.
  • Develop clear pathways through all levels of postsecondary education with an emphasis on experiential learning that lead to successful employment outcomes for KCTCS graduates.
  • Improve student engagement, support, experiences, and success with best-in-class academic and student services.
  • Align programs and curricula with needs of employers that enhance the employability, job placement, and career development of KCTCS graduates.
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