Strategic Planning Timeline

Spring 2015

To gather input on the next KCTCS strategic plan, President Box conducted a listening tour with stakeholder groups of all kinds at each of the 16 colleges and the KCTCS System Office. Dr. Box also gathered feedback from over 3,200 respondents to a statewide vision survey.

June 2015

The KCTCS Board of Regents approved draft vision, values, and goals for the 2016-22 strategic plan based on input from President Box’s Listening Tour, the vision survey, and research compiled by subject matter experts in various fields.

Summer 2015

Strategic measures will be identified for each of the draft goals.

Fall 2015-Spring 2016

Each college and the System Office will develop a local strategic plan aligned with the goals of the KCTCS System-wide strategic plan, which will be drafted at the same time.

June 2016

The KCTCS Board of Regents will review the KCTCS 2016-22 strategic plan for final approval.

Summer 2016

The System and its colleges will develop specific strategies and targets for achieving local and System-wide strategic plan goals. Business and operational plans will be developed in alignment with the strategic plan.


Execution of strategies, measurement of progress, and biannual strategy development will continue through the life of the plan.


Initial work begins on the 2022-2028 strategic plan.

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